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Dil Mera Blast 
Tapori Mix

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The music video for this song was released on the 5th of September 2019. The song's composer Javed-Mohsin and the video director Adil Shaikh explained, "It's a song for the masses, shot with 300 dancers. This is a first for an independent track. This is also one of the few independent tracks aimed at masses. Mostly, such songs belong to romantic or the hip-hop genre."

"Dil Mera Blast" was released on the eve of the festive occasion of Ganeshotsav. Darshan Raval said about it, "...it's fast, peppy and ideal for this festive seasons. I hope people enjoy the track as much as we did while creating them."

Now The Music is Remix by DJ AK NGP and DJ GANESH BABAR as a Tapori Mix Style i hope you enjoy this music.

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